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Corporate Law

K&T Forlex specializes in corporate law, thus if you are looking to establish sole proprietorship, a Private Limited company, LLP, or One Person Company (OPC), and a partnership firm we can provide you with all the assistance you need. Whether it is a corporate partnership, corporate structuring and restructuring, corporate dissolution, corporate sponsorship/funding, and liaison office (LO) or project office (PO)- we have solutions and services for all your needs. We can also help you with the registration of legal entities in line with the Companies Act, registrar of companies’ compliance, along with sharing allocation/alteration, transfer, and acquisition of legal entities through Merger and Acquisition (M&A). 

We also provide transactional and legal advisory relating to day-to-day business, regulatory issues, corporate and government affairs. We advise our clients in corporate transactions that are important for their business. We cover third-party contracts/agreements, labor, and employment, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, intellectual property, application of licenses and registrations, Legal and Financial due diligence, ensuring consumer protection, litigation history, and effective dispute resolution.

  • Consultancy and Execution of incorporation of Corporate entity

  • Initial mandatory Registrar of Companies (ROC) and compliance under Companies Act

  • Share Allocation, Transfer, Sale-Purchase

  • Investment agreement, third-party contract, Term Sheet, document vetting, etc.

Business Intelligence Solutions

In this fast-growing and ever-changing and competitive environment, it is easy to miss out on the small legal issues. K&T Forlex can help you to collect and summarize basic information such as Preliminary Corporate Data of an entity including information like Authorized and Paid-up capital, shareholding structure, business objectives (MOA, AOA), directors/signatory details, a brief note of the latest audit report submitted with ROC. Further, it comprises litigation history in the last 2/3/5 years.


  • Market sizing, background check

  • Research of Rules and regulations of particular country/region

  • Study on the cost of business

  • Mini Due Diligence

  • Risk and opportunity assessment

Pre-investment market entry strategy

Pre-Investment and Market Entry Strategy team of K &T Forlex provides you with the best investment techniques and solutions. By understanding the purpose/intention behind the investments and market entry we devise some preliminary conclusions, K & T Forlex then reviews the financial and resource commitment available to the company to invest and deploy for market entry. Based on these findings we provide in-depth analysis and a set of recommendations.


The Market Assessment will comprise demand forecasting, value chain, business structuring, competitor profiling, customer behavior, margin, channel and distribution, trade and tariffs, barriers to entry,  risks, market potential, regulatory environment, and costs analysis. This data is taken into account to ensure a successful Pre-Investment and Market Entry strategy.


  • Consultation on business planning

  • Preparing Feasibility Search Report

  • Location and investment zones comparison

  • Entry strategy development

  • Preliminary Due Diligence

Patent Drafting and Prosecution

K & T Forlex secures your intellectual property like Patent by helping you draft, register, and prosecute if required your products, innovations, and technology. We understand the scope of your intellectual property and to preserve it from misuse, we customize every single draft with utmost perfection, track the patent application till its final destiny. Similar to patents, our team helps clients in the protection of Trademarks, Copyright and Industrial Design, etc. in India and other major jurisdictions such as the USA, Europe, China, Japan, Singapore.


K & T Forlex helps you file for Patent prosecution. Patent prosecution is the process of drafting, filing, and prosecuting other parties before a competent forum/court to ensure protection over the rights to a unique invention.


Patent analytics/prosecution begins with a unique idea or design. We help you understand if the patent for a similar product exists. It can further help you understand what distinguishes your product from a previously existing product. We help you file and move through the process of drafting with provisional/complete, detailed information regarding your invention and claims. When the draft is ready, it can be submitted to the patent office as an official application. Thereby, helping you secure your invention.


  • Provisional Application

  • Complete/Non-Provisional Application

  • Defensive Publications

  • Patent of Addition/Continuation Application

  • Continuation-in-part Application

  • Divisional Application

  • Industrial Design Patent Application

  • PCT Application

  • Office Action Response (Final/Non-Final OAs)

  • Pre-appeal Briefs

  • Appeal Briefs

  • Prior Art Differentiation for Accelerated Examination Requests

  • Inter-Parte Review Responses

  • Auxiliary Requests

  • Patent Analytics- Prior Art Search, Freedom to Operate (FTO), Landscape, Invalidity Search

Legal and Financial Due Diligence

We at K & T Forlex provide you with legal and financial consultation. Your company might require you to provide a Land draft, Company draft, Monthly, quarterly, or yearly financial reports. We at K & T help you to create that and visualize the best solution for your business based on the reports. We help you stay updated with any kind of data that you need for a smoother run of your business.

  • Company Due Diligence, Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) Due Diligence, Land Due Diligence (15/30+ Years) reports

  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Due Diligence Reports for IPO purpose

  • Audit and Balance Sheet analysis

CA/CS Related Services

CA & CS services are essential for all businesses for bookkeeping, and legal purposes. With our legal solutions, small and medium-sized businesses can outsource the worries related to taxation, cumbersome bureaucratic bookkeeping, and financial management to save costs. We understand your business better and understand the complexities of the finances. We help you track and keep a record of all that is essential for bookkeeping.


We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt a personalized approach to meet your accounting needs, provide 24/7 support, and prepare wise financial plans for your needs. With us, your company can prosper financially without getting into any legal trouble.

  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Services for CA and CS services for small, Medium, and Large enterprises, Newly incorporated entities

  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Bookkeeping

  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Tax compliance

  • ROC filing

Payroll, HR, and Labor

It includes services such as Payroll services to employees, maintaining tax records,             Human Resource policy, employee hiring-firing compliance, POSH at Workplace compliance, labor law compliance, and consultancy on employer-employee relation, etc.


We at K & T Forlex advise our clients on the complex regulatory and legal aspects of employment and labor laws in order to ensure full compliance with all the applicable laws and provisions.


We are actively involved in drafting and reviewing various employment documentation/ Agreements and advising on a wide range of labor laws related queries, HR policies/ manuals including structuring of ESOPs, standardization of employment agreements, transfer of employees, termination, non-compete issues, and more. We predominantly represent companies and their management on employment-related projects and litigation.


  • Hire Payroll services on a monthly/quarterly/annually basis

  • HR policies, HR training, Employee manuals

  • Consultancy on labor issues and related compliances

  • POST at Workplace

IP Rights

Securing intellectual property rights can be a tricky business especially in a newly developing economy. We at K & T Forlex are experienced in all aspects of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We provide servicing and managing of the intellectual property needs and assets of clients. We understand how intellectual property (“IP”) assets can best be created; we can easily determine the rights and how to protect them, and use/ acquire/supplement them to produce a competitive advantage.


We provide advice and assistance with due diligence acquisition of IP and related agreements and partnerships/joint ventures intending to transfer/ share/develop IP.

  • Trade Mark search, registration, and litigation, etc.

  • Copyright registration, prosecution, raids, seize and deceits, etc.

  • Creating, Managing, and IP Audits

Drafting Legal Documents

Drafting of legal documents such as contracts, term sheet, JV agreement, sale-purchase agreement, legal memo, legal notice, due diligence report, etc.


Each organization has to file multiple legal documents. We at K & T Forlex help you understand all the documents that you need. Based on the understanding of your business and the documents needed we thereby, draft those documents for you. We help you file those documents for legal purposes and get the necessary authorization in due time. We have expertise in various kinds of corporate documents like NOC(No Objection Certificate), Shareholders agreement, Term sheet, NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement), and many more.

We also provide documents like Employment contracts, company registrations, etc.


  • Agreements

  • Contracts

  • Legal Opinion

  • Reports

  • Polices

  • Analysis Reports

  • Legal memo

Government Office Liaison Service

We provide support service and accompany clients at various government offices and assist them in legal and compliance work.  

We at K & T Forlex also assist in government office liasioning. We act as a “communicator” between you and the government offices to ensure clear communication of demands, expectations, needs, responses, etc. We help you find the best solution for the troubles you face and help you resolve them as quickly as possible. 


  • Consultancy for government offices related work

  • Legal strategy framing in criminal and recovery matters

  • Assistance at the Police station during lodging FIR/Complaint

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